Pedro Taveras

Pedro Taveras

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15327 NW 60Th Ave Ste 201a Miami Lakes, FL 33014

Pedro Taveras | CTO (Chief Technologies Officer)

FL Licensed Life Agent W678598

Pedro Taveras Jr born in New York, New York, CTO of Key Brokers Key Advisory Group and Taveras Investments. As CTO pedro manages and maintains all backend operations of online accounts, websites, CRM software and App designs.


No job is too big or complicated for him with the knowing that hes only as good as his team. Pedro can and will do, what needs to be done to bring his companies to the forefront of their respective industries.


Only through hard work and dedication can any goal be achieved, but above all you must have belief, belief in yourself, believe in your team, belief in what you doing. I am not a religious person, I am a BELIEVER. I believe that I can, I believe that I will, I believe that I must. I believe that anything is possible.


But only when you believe! What do you believe in?