Christopher Kusznir

Christopher Kusznir

(607) 279-5967

Key Brokers

Office Address: 950 Danby Rd. Suite 208 Ithaca, NY 14850

Christopher Kusznir has been a motivated entrepreneur serving the greater Ithaca area for over 15 years. A former student of the Park School of Communication at Ithaca College, Kusznir started his career early by co-founding his first company, Moving Box Studios, a multimedia production house, as a Freshman in College.

In 2005, he added a Real Estate license to his repertoire when he joined Audrey Edelman & Associates. Leveraging his newly gained knowledge in Real Estate with his ability to build effective partnerships, Kusznir would spend the next five years purchasing a rental property, opening a retail wine & liquor store, revitalizing a Franchise Quick-Service-Restaurant and, ultimately running for Mayor in 2010. In that same year, Kusznir’s experiences culminated with the birth of his first child, daughter Madison.

As a result, Kusznir would withdraw from the election and return to work and new family. Even larger changes were soon to come with the sale of the restaurant and production company as well as the formation of several new partnerships; a second multi-media production company, Well Said Media; a boutique Real Estate Sales Firm, Key Brokers, and a Franchise Consulting Firm, The Franchise Plug.

Kusznir is passionate about helping others reach financial freedom through Entrepreneurship and Real Estate Investment. He resides in Ithaca with Wife, Kara, and Daughter, Madison. He serves on the board of his local YMCA and is an active member of the community.





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